Time to get your rowing skills in use effectively

There were times when everyone had done rowing as part of their school camps. But, as much as we detested them at the time, rowing machines have been proven to be the best exercise that you can do for your body. A rowing machine is not just for learning how to row a boat. But, it can also help you in getting your most amazing shape back. And the reason why many people are buying the best rowing machines is because they work up around 84% of your body.


We know that treadmills are also great, but rowing machine gives you the same result in lesser time and with lesser efforts.

People have had a lot of misconceptions about rowing machines and its effects on the body. One of the most common is that rowing machines will only work up your body. Nothing could be a bigger lie than this. Rowing machines work your entire body as you are pushing with your legs and there is specific amount of effect on your cores as well.

The thing about indoor rowing machines is that they not only give you the comfort of working from your home but you are also allowed to control the intensity of your workout. But, a person will only be able to do justice to their workout routine if they are following the routine perfectly and not taking it lightly.

If you are still not convinced about buying this perfect rowing machine, then you should also know that they would have no effect on your joints. It is perfect for patients who have just suffered from any kind of knee problem. Moreover, a rowing machine doesn’t work your body too much. Rowing at 5 miles per hour will help you burn the same amount of calories which you will be able to burn at 6.7 miles per hour on a treadmill.

Many people don’t go for the rowing machine because they have no idea how to work on it. and if you are facing the same problem, then you should know about the routine that will help you burn fat and increase your endurance levels as well.

How to use the rowing machine?

The first thing you need to learn is how to sit on the rowing machine. Ensure that your seating position and everything else is done properly so that you don’t slip. When you have stationed yourself on the machine, you will have to be straight and keep your core strong and firm. This will prevent any injuries on the machine. The best exercise to do on the rowing machines comes in intervals. Anything done in intervals has a good effect and is always fun.

First do the warm up exercise and then move on to the main exercises. There is a workout which involves isolations and pyramids and this can be done on the rowing machine only. Isolations are known as the alternate exercise that you do between pushing completely (full stroke) and pushing with your legs. Each of the exercises will be done in 5 reps and by alteration.

The first 10 minutes are for the isolations and then you move on to the pyramids. The pyramid workout starts with rowing at a rapid pace for the first 100 metres. After this you will have to do 5 air squats, 5 walk-outs, 5 shoulder tap push-ups and 5 tricep dips.

Again, you will have to row for 100 metres at fast pace and then carry out the above mentioned exercises. This is the pyramid exercise because each time the reps of the exercises will increase and the distance too.